The George Blackburn Memorial Bursary


1. Funds are allocated annually to finance bursary awards to advance academic achievement. Currently there are a maximum of 8 bursaries of $1000 each.


2. All former Regular Force members of The RCA, and qualified immediate family members of serving and former Regular Force members of The RCA are eligible to apply for a bursary.

3. Qualified family members are spouse, son or daughter, or under the legal guardianship of serving or former Regular Force members of The RCA.

4. Serving members have access to public money to advance their education and therefore are not eligible. Serving members attending university full time are also not eligible.

5. Applicants must be enrolled in an institute of higher learning or must be continuing their studies at the aforementioned institute. Such an institute can be a college, technical institute or university. Attendance may be full time, part time or by correspondence, and the program of study must lead to a certificate, diploma or degree.

6. A maximum of two bursaries maybe awarded through the life of an individual.


7. Application forms for the bursaries are at the bottom of the page. Applications must be returned to the Chairman of The George Blackburn Memorial Bursary Committee at the address provided by 30 Sep of each year.

8. Once applications are received by The George Blackburn Memorial Bursary Committee, the bursaries will be awarded based on the decisions of that committee.

9. All applicants will be notified by mail as soon as committee results are known. A member of the RCA will contact the successful candidates for the presentation of a $1000 cheque. Notification will be controlled by RHQ on behalf of the Regimental Colonel.

The George Blackburn Memorial Bursary Application

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