The Geoffrey Brooks Memorial Essay Competition


The contest is open to all DND military (Regular and Reserve) and civilian personnel and students attending post-secondary educational institutes.


Write on any topic of military history or specific military interest that pertains to The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.


Essay entries should be between 2,000 to 3,000 words in length. The title and page of any published or unpublished work to which reference has been made, or from which extracts have been taken, must be quoted and footnoted.

Entries must be submitted electronically in MS Word format. Authorship of entries must be strictly anonymous. Each competitor will adopt a motto or nom de plume, which will be quoted at the top of the essay and will be the only name to appear on the essay. To further safeguard anonymity, authors will insert their nickname in the “Author” block under “Properties” on MS Word.

Entries must reach RHQ RCA by noon on 30 November for each year. The winner will be announced by 1 March of the following year. $1000.00 in prizes will be awarded. (1st Prize -$500; 2nd Prize -$300; and 3rd Prize – $200)

Submission to RHQ

The essay will be emailed to RHQ at [email protected] From there, RHQ will forward the essay (only) to the judging committee. The subject line will be “Entry – Geoffrey Brooks Essay Competition”. The email will include the essay as an attachment and within the text of the email the author will include his/her service number (if applicable), rank, name and address, which will remain with RHQ for administrative purposes.


RHQ RCA will arrange for a committee to judge the entries. The decisions of this committee will be final. Results will be made known in the next issue of The Quadrant and on All who submitted essays will be contacted by letter.

RHQ RCA cannot be held responsible for the loss or return of any essay submitted; nor shall they incur any liability whatsoever in connection with the receipt, dealings, judging and reports of essays.

The copyright of any essay submitted will remain with the author, however, submission of a paper to the competition gives The RCA permission to publish said document as RHQ RCA sees fit and to retain a copy in The RCA Museum library and archives.

Previous Entries Sorted By Year

Reproduction or distribution in whole or part of any of The Geoffrey Brooks Memorial Essays posted here without the express written consent of their author is strictly forbidden.


12 Submissions were received for this years competition, all participants are congratulated for their efforts! The submissions are posted for viewing below in no particular order.

  1. Andrew McNaughton – His Influence on Artillery and Intelligence during the First World War by Capt Jamie Phillips, RCAS – 3rd Place;
  2. Cassino Revisited – Cassino Revisited by Mr John (Jack) Rhind, Toronto – Honourable Mention;
  3. History and Role of the IG – History and Role of the IG by Lt Andrew G Holt, 5 RALC – Honourable Mention;
  4. Lessoned Learned – Lessons Learned By Lt GT McCabe, 4 AD Regt RCA;
  5. Cooperation and Integration-ASCC – Cooperation and Integration: The Airspace Coordination Centre in its Liaison Role With Outside Agencies, By Capt N.J.Z. Feng, 4 AD Regt RCA;
  6. RCA Individual Inputs – Individual Inputs = Technological and Doctrinal Outputs, By Capt C. J. Carter, 4 AD Regt, RCA;
  7. The Guns – “THE GUNS”, A Centennial Tribute to The Royal Canadian Artillery” By Lt J.P. Thompson;
  8. Dien Bien Phu – French Expulsion from Indo-China The Siege of Dien Bien Phu, by Lt C.J. Ker, 4 AD Regt RCA;
  9. Passive and Low-Frequency Radar – Passive and Low-Frequency Radar: Theory in Detection of Stealth Aircraft by Lt T.J. Thornton, 4 AD Regt RCA;
  10. Battle of Vimy Ridge – Sir Arthur Currie and the Battle of Virny Ridge By Capt S.L.A.A. Oman, 4 AD Regt RCA;
  11. Spare the Guns – 1st Place – Spare The Guns, Spoil The Insurgents, On the Successful Employment of Artillery during Stabilization Operations. By Maj David W Grebsted, 2 RCHA; and
  12. Battle Procedure – 2nd Place – Battle Procedure for Artillery Troop-Level Operations, By Maj David W Grebsted, 2 RCHA.


19 Submissions were received for this years competition, all participants are congratulated for their efforts! The submissions are posted for viewing below in no particular order.

  1. Private Sector Defence Procurement: The Example of Britain and J.P. Morgan, 1914-1915. By 2Lt Daniel Hoyt, RCAS.
  2. The Guns of Sicily. By Maj David Grebstad, 2 RCHA – 2e/2nd Place.
  3. Various Leadership Approaches And Their Functions In The Military. By 2Lt Montgomery, RCAS.
  4. Sur les traces. Par 2Lt Tremblay, EARC.
  5. World War One: How the Eastern front made victory possible for Canada and the West. By 2Lt Stang, RCAS.
  6. Andrew McNaughton and his Contribution to the Artillery. By 2Lt Stephanie Cook, RCAS.
  7. Supply Chain Management. By 2Lt Emma Sao Miguel, RCAS.
  8. Canadian Artillery Passchendaele. By 2Lt Nathan Ly, Gagetown.
  9. Combat Stress Reaction and the General Adaptation Syndrome. By 2Lt Chris Iverson, RCAS.
  10. Artillery Projectiles, Fuzes and Propellants. By 2Lt M.J. Graham, RCAS.
  11. A Musician in the Military. By Cpl A.M. Deppe, 33 CBG Ottawa.
  12. The Role of the Canadian Artillery in War. By 2Lt Coyne, RCAS.
  13. Ethical Questions Facing the Use of Drones. By 2Lt Daniel Belliard, RCAS.
  14. When Cohesion Turns Evil. By 2Lt Pugh, RCAS.
  15. To Move The Guns. By Capt Rick Parent, 2 RCHA – 3e/3rd Place.
  16. Artillery Essay, By 2Lt Hutchinson, RCAS.
  17. A Plotting Board for the 82 mm Mortar. By WO Stefan Meinert, 30 Fd Regt.
  18. Interpersonal Communication Skills – A Key to Success in Coalition Operations. By LCol Paul Payne, LFAA – Mention honorable Les/Honourable Mention.
  19. Bullets, Bombs and Ice Cream. By Lt Nicholas Kaempffer, RCAS – 1e/1st Place.
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