The Artillery Senate

Organization and Duties


Artillery Senate is the highest governing body of the Royal Regiment and acts its de facto Board of Directors. Its mandate is to promote and preserve the long-term well being of the RCA and ensure its interests are furthered. While Artillery Council (chaired by the Senior Serving Gunner), concerns itself largely with matters related to operational effectiveness and leadership (Lines of Operation 1 and 2 of the RCA Family Strategy), Artillery Senate focuses on the health of the Family institution and its place in Canadian society (Lines of Operation 3 to 5). Artillery Senate will not involve itself in matters within the purview of Artillery Council, unless specifically requested to advise or assist. To accomplish its mandate, Artillery Senate works with a variety of stakeholders both within and outside the Royal Regiment, including Artillery Council, the Royal Canadian Artillery Association (RCAA), Honoraries, regional Artillery associations and other “Friends of the Royal Regiment.” Artillery Senate is assisted and advised by an informal advisory council to Artillery Senate, made up of all retired Artillery General Officers and former members of the Senate if not retired General Officers.


Artillery Senate is chaired by the Colonel Commandant. The senate will include the following ex officio members, as listed. This will not preclude the senate from appointing a different number of ex-officio members should conditions dictate. As of this date, Artillery Senate includes the following as members:
  1. The Senior Serving Gunner (Co-Chair);
  2. All members of Artillery Council (Colonel Commandant, Director Artillery (Non-voting), Artillery General Officers, Senior Reservist of the RCA, RSM RCA);
  3. The immediate past Colonel Commandant;
  4. The President of the RCA Association, or representative;
  5. The Chair of the RCA Heritage Campaign;
  6. The Regimental Colonel (Non-voting), who also acts as Secretary for the Senate;
  7. Executive Director Heritage Charitable Campaign (Non-voting); and
  8. Elected members (five to ten) – such eminent Canadians (including retired Gunners) as may be approved as members of the Senate (for a time-limited period).

Current members of the Artillery Senate

Roles and Responsibilities of Artillery Senate.

    Artillery Senate is responsible to:

Set the strategy and direction for The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery as an institution or Family;

  1. Develop and guide, and amend as appropriate the RCA Family Strategy;
  2. Govern the Royal Regiment in matters related to Lines of Operation 3 to 5 of the RCA Family Strategy;
  3. Approve and oversee programs and initiatives in support of the RCA Family Strategy;
  4. Approve the Annual RCA Heritage Operating Plan, including the coordination of fund-raising activities in support of major Regimental activities;
  5. Monitor the  RCA Fund and Heritage Charitable Campaign Fund;
  6. Maintain awareness of all nominations for Artillery Honorary Colonels and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels being submitted to the Minister of National Defence (MND) for approval;
  7. Advise on and approve major amendments to RCA Standing Orders;
  8. Support and assist Artillery Council, if called upon;
  9. Select and approve nominations to Artillery Senate.

The Artillery Senate Terms of Reference


The Artillery Senate Meeting, Dec 2014


The Artillery Senate Meeting, Sept 2014

The Artillery Senate Meeting, Oct 2013

The Artillery Senate Meeting, June 2013

The Artillery Senate Meeting, Feb 2013

John McCrae Statue Announcement Letter  Feb 13

The Inaugural Artillery Senate Meeting Notes

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