RCA Kitshop and Catalogue.

THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF CANADIAN ARTILLERY KITSHOP We have a new site !!! interface and security upgrades have modernized our site, check it out.   The French language side of the site is now up and running also.


THE RCA KITSHOP CATALOGUE  – New Catalogue Coming Soon –

Catalogue dated 06 Dec 11 is withdrawn.

It is in  PDF format for online viewing and is easily downloadable as well. The effective pricing date is contained in the Table of Contents.

Please note the flat rate shipping model described in The RCA Kitshop Catalogue does not come into effect until we roll out the new kitshop website. We are unable convert the current site to a flat rate model given the short period of time before the new site is launched.



Sorry, no current discounts, All new products have been included in the updated Catalogue.


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