Units of The RCA – Databases of our past and present Units and Batteries

The Artillery Battery was and in most cases remains the basic building block the Artillery uses to provide tailored support to meet the needs of the mission at hand. Our battery structure has shifted very little over time even with the ebb and flow of changes in equipment and tactics. While our Unit structures have seen many changes to names, organization and strength. Up until the early 1900’s Artillery Batteries were formed and operated as independent units which were “brigaded” under Artillery Commanders as deemed necessary, usually 3 Batteries per brigade. By WW I most batteries were assigned to permanently formed Artillery Brigades, the forerunners of today’s Artillery regiments. It remains common practice to reassign batteries to different Regiments or to specific missions in order to meet current tasks, while shifting only portions of battery at the troop or detachment level is only done temporarily. Because of this deliberate and distinct practice historic records have been kept of our Batteries as well as our Regiments, Brigades, Battalions and Divisions.  You will find Batteries and Units representing the Horse, Field, Medium, Heavy, Surface to Surface missile, Anti-tank, Locating/target acquisition, Coastal, Mountain, Air Defence gun, Air Defence missile, Headquarters and Schools of Artillery all contained in these databases.

UNIT DATABASE  dated 01 June 2013;  contains the Brigades, Battalions and Regiments that have been formed to hold the groupings of different batteries, for all types of Canadian Artillery. (to be hyper link to locked Excel sheet).

This database contains the following tabs – Unit Database, Unit Birthdate by Units, Unit Birthdate Ascending, Unit Birthdate by Calendar, Unit Battery Affiliation, Lettered Batteries, Battery Birthdate by Battery and Unit short Forms.

BATTERY DATABASE  dated 01 June 2013; contains only the battery sized units of all types of Canadian Artillery.   (to be hyper link to locked Excel sheet).

This database contains the following tabs – Battery Database, Battery Date of Formation, Battery Date Ascending and Depot Batteries.

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