Artillery Units and Command Teams


The Militia Act of 1855 authorized the first Canadian paid force of 5,000 men. This force included seven independent batteries of artillery. Three of the original seven batteries are perpetuated by Reserve Force batteries today. Prior to 1855, volunteer Canadian artillery batteries existed but the continuity of some of these batteries is difficult to trace. One of these pre-1855 units, the Loyal Company of Artillery, was formed in Saint John, N.B., in 1793,  and today is home of the 3rd Field Regiment, RCA.

Post Confederation

Artillery was first element of the regular component of the fledgling nation of Canada’s military. On 20 October 1871, The Royal Regiment formed the first Canadian Regular army units when two batteries of garrison artillery were created. A and B Batteries located in Kingston and Quebec respectively were to perform garrison duties and also to serve as Schools of Gunnery.  They serve today as part of the 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery has served valiantly in every major conflict in our Nation’s history. For more information on the heritage of The Royal Regiment, please visit the National Artillery Museum website. A condensed history of The Royal Regiment is found in chapter 1, Vol II of The RCA Standing Orders.

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