Lieutenant-Colonel John L. Cochrane, CD

Lieutenant-Colonel John L. Cochrane

Commander Home Station

Lieutenant-Colonel John L. Cochrane was born in Toronto, Ontario.  He grew up in and around the Toronto area including Downsview, Milton, and Mississauga.  He attended Meadowvale Secondary School followed by Sheriden College in Brampton, Ontario.

Commissioned and posted to Lord Stratchona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in 1995, Lieutenant-Colonel Cochrane commanded a tank troop with B Squadron during his first regimental tour of duty. On subsequent regimental tours he commanded a tank squadron before serving as the Regimental Second-in-Command.

Lieutenant-Colonel Cochrane has had the opportunity to participate on a variety of foreign and domestic deployments.  His overseas deployments include Bosnia in 1997 as a Platoon Commander; as the Kabul Multinational Brigade Reconnaisance Squadron Second-in-Command in 2005; and as a Tank Squadron Commander during 2009 in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

In addition he has participated in a number of domestic deployments to Manitoba for the Red River Floods in 1998, the British Columbia Forest Fires in 2003, and once again Manitoba for floods in 2011.

His additional key experiences include a four year posting to the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School in Oromocto, New Brunswick, and postings to Land Forces Western Area Training Centre in Wainwright as the Officer Commanding Training Support Company; 4th Canadian Division as G3 Domestic Operations; and 32 Canadian Brigade Group as the Chief of Staff, both in Toronto, Ontario.

Lieutenant-Colonel Cochrane is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Joint Command and Staff Programme, in Toronto, Ontario.

He is married to Kate Cochrane (NEE Desimio), and has two wonderful children named Evan (14yrs old) and Sydney (11yrs old).  He enjoys running, reading, and hanging out with his children at the hockey rink in his spare time.

Past Commanders of the Home Station of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery


May 1940                         Lieutenant-Colonel D.R. Agnew
September 1940            Lieutenant-Colonel A.J. Brice, VD
November 1941             Lieutenant-Colonel A.L.S. Nash, MM
September 1942            Lieutenant-Colonel R.E. Bliss
December 1943             Lieutenant-Colonel W.J. Finney, OBE
March 1944                     Colonel A.L.S. Nash, OBE, MM
May 1945                         Colonel H.S. Griffin, DSO ED
November 1945            Lieutenant-Colonel H.E. Brown, OBE, ED


October 1946                  Lieutenant-Colonel D.K. Todd, DSO, CD
February 1948               Lieutenant-Colonel R.H. Webb, DSO, CD
January 1949                 Lieutenant-Colonel J.W.D. Symons, CD
August 1949                   Colonel R.M. Cathcart, OBE, CD
January 1951                  Lieutenant-Colonel A.J. Lake, CD (acting)
July 1951                         Colonel Dollard Menard, DSO, CD
August 1955                   Colonel J.M. Houghton, OBE, CD
August 1958                   Colonel A.C. Perron, ED, CD
August 1960                   Colonel G.P. Marriott, ED, CD
October 1962                 Colonel W.S. Hunt, CD  (RCEME)
December 1965             Colonel G.P. Marriott, ED, CD
June 1966                        Colonel J.S. Orton, MBE, MC, CD
August 1967                   Colonel D.W. Francis, CD
July 1969                         Colonel D.H. Gunter, CD
July 1970                        Colonel L.C. Baumgart, CD
July 1972                        Colonel D.R. Baker, CD
December 1974             Colonel A.D.M. Matheson, OMM, CD  (RCD)
July 1975                        Colonel M.D. Calnan, CD
August 1977                   Colonel C.R. Simonds, CD
July 1981                       Colonel J.H.L.C. Archambault, CD
July 1983                       Colonel J.A. MacInnis, CD
August 1985                  Colonel L.T.B. Mintz, CD
July 1988                       Colonel D.B. Walton, OMM, CD
July 1991                        Colonel J.L.H.L.P. Boucher, OMM, CD
July 1994                       Colonel T.J. Guiler, OMM, CD
August 1996                  Colonel J.J. Selbie, CD
October 1997                 Lieutenant-Colonel R.S. Wilson, OMM,CD
August 2000                 Lieutenant-Colonel C. Simonds, CD
August 2003                 Lieutenant-Colonel T.Doucette, CD
August 2006                 Lieutenant-Colonel J.J. Schneiderbanger, CD
July 2009                      Lieutenant-Colonel Luc Généreux, CD
June 2011                     Lieutenant-Colonel Richard W.H. Goodyear, MSM, CD
July 2013                      Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Joudrey, CD

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