Past Colonel Commandants

The office of Colonel Commandant is an honorary one.  It symbolizes the Regimental family and traditions drawing together all its members: serving and retired, regular and reserve.  The first Artillery Commandant in Canada was appointed on 1 April 1925. Distinguished retired officers of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, normally in the rank of Colonel or above, are eligible for the appointment of Colonel Commandant.  After consultation with artillery units, senior gunner officers, the Artillery Council and the Royal Canadian Artillery Association, the Director of Artillery submits a recommendation for the appointment of Colonel Commandant to the Chief of the Defence Staff.  The Chief of the Defence Staff then submits the recommendation to the Minister of National Defence for approval.  The appointment is then authorized by the Governor General.

It is the duty of the Colonel Commandant to: foster esprit-de-corps throughout the Regiment; provide the channel of communication to the Captain-General and to the Master Gunner St. James’s Park; advise on all matters of significance to the Regiment and in particular on: dress, customs and traditions, regimental charities, museums, memorials and organizations, the disposition of regimental non-public funds and property, regimental publications, the naming of artillery buildings and properties; maintain close liaison between the regular and Reserve Force components of The Royal Regiment and between The Royal Regiment and other branches; advise the Director of Artillery and The Royal Canadian Artillery Association (in which he is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee) on all artillery matters; and oversee affiliations with allied regiments or units. The Colonel Commandant sends loyal greetings to Her Majesty the Queen at Christmas, on Artillery Day (26 May) and on St. Barbara’s Day (4 December).  He may also send loyal greetings on any other occasions which warrant such action. The Colonel Commandant, as head of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, should be consulted on arrangements for visits and celebrations involving other organizations and distinguished persons.

Past Colonel Commandants (in alphabetical order)

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