Colonel Commandant’s Coin

The Colonel Commandant’s Coin was initiated in 2008. Master Warrant Officer Gabanna, the Battery Sergeant Major of X Battery, 5e RALC, serving in Afghanistan, asked the Colonel Commandant why he didn’t have a coin for the troops. A good question! Then the Battery Commander, Major Warren Smith told him how. Hence, a Colonel Commandant’s Coin came into being and these two great Gunners were awarded Coins #1 and #29 respectively.

The Colonel Commandant’s Coin is a means by which immediate recognition for outstanding service can be celebrated. The Colonel Commandant personally chooses who is presented this coin, although he welcomes advice from Commanding Officers and RSMs, and others. It has been awarded to Gunners, and non-Gunners, for example: graduating as top student on a course; playing a key role on operations; the Queen’s Medallist for 2008; supporting the Artillery (e.g., Battle Group and Task Force Commanders and RSMs); selected Honorary Colonels, and so on. The Colonel Commandant always carries a few spares, so if one is warranted it can be presented on the spot. Each coin is numbered, and the Colonel Commandant maintains a log of recipients, reasons and date.

This is not to be confused with the Colonel Commandant’s Commendation – The aim of the Colonel Commandant’s Commendation is to provide a method whereby suitable candidates, either individuals, units or other organizations, may be recognized for exceptional and outstanding service to The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

On the front of the coin is the Artillery “Full Achievement Badge,” and on the reverse is the Regimental Badge of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

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