RCAS Gunners Garner Grand Slam as Base Softball Champions By Captain Nicholas Kaempffer


Veni, vidi, vici” (meaning I came; I saw; I conquered) – a great phrase once uttered by Julius Caesar, and now the watchword of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School’s (RCAS) softball team, who achieved a rapid, decisive victory during the Base Gagetown Softball Championship on the 2nd of October. In an utter rout of a game, the Gunners dominated the Infantry School with an 18-3 finish that Master Bombardier Troy Colburne described as a “Mark Hunt walk-away,” which ushered the RCAS’ team into the Base Gagetown Softball Pantheon as “Grand Slam” champions, as they eclipsed their 2016 three-peat finish.


While the Queens of Battle were able to lead the Gunners in the first inning with a two point advantage, Bombardier Jordan Slade revealed that this was just the Kings of Battle “bedding in the baseplate, so we could drop bombs and bracket the outfield.” Sure enough, the Gunners tied it up in the 2nd, and went on a rampage from the 3rd through 6th inning, where they scored 5 unanswered points whenever they were at bat, expect for a sole run by the Infanteers in the 3rd. The game didn’t even make it to the 7th inning, as the mercy rule of a 15 point lead meant further play was unnecessary, and the RCAS Team Captain, Warrant Officer George Bazinet stated “we turned a field of dreams into a diamond of nightmares for the opposing teams. The championship game was like the rest of the playoffs – the mercy rule was the only saving grace for all of our opponents. At this point, I’d like us to take on the Base Team – we’re that good. I am so proud to have played with such an outstanding group of Gunners – everyone put in their maximum effort, and the results speak for themselves.”


As pictured from left to right, Base Gagetown’s 2017 “Grand Slam” Softball Championship team consisted of (back row): Captain James Neeley, Warrant Officer Chad Giles, Lieutenant Rob Fraser, Bombardier Jordan Slade, Master Bombardier Troy Colburne, Warrant Officer Jamie Goguen, Captain Derek Gaudreault, Warrant Officer Matthew Flynn, (front row) Captain Matthew Chiu, Chief Warrant Officer François Vidal, Warrant Officer Kevin Balicki, Warrant Officer George Bazinet, and Trystan Bazinet (bat boy).


Photo Caption: The RCAS “Grand Slam” Base Gagetown Softball Championship team

Photo Credit: Robert Fuller