Promotions, Awards, and Retirements – March 2016


  • Brigadier-General Rouleau, M.N. will be promoted acting while so employed to the rank of Major-General, and remain Commander of Canadian Special Operations Forces Command.
  • Brigadier-General Hetherington, S.C. will be appointed Commander of 3 Canadian Division, Edmonton AB.
  • Colonel McPherson, B.W.G. will be promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General and appointed Pentagon Liaison Officer in Washington D.C.
  • Colonel Boucher, L.H.P.S. will be appointed Special Advisor to the Chief of Defence Staff at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.
  • Colonel Young, T.R. will proceed to the advanced training list at the Canadian Forces Language School in Gatineau.
  • Colonel Ivey, G.W. will be appointed Director Capabilities Integration, Chief Force Development in Ottawa.
  • Colonel McGarry, L.P. will be appointed Base Commander, Canadian Forces Base Borden.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Duval, J.F. will be promoted to Colonel and appointed Director Professional Development, at Military Personnel Generation in Kingston.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Mason, J.D.S. will be promoted to Colonel and appointed Chief of Staff, 2nd Canadian Division Headquarters in Montreal.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Richard, J.J. will be promoted to Colonel and proceed to the advanced training list to attend the National Security Program, at Canadian Forces College in Toronto.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Gabanna, J.G.M. will be appointed Eastern Region Judge Advocate General Chief Warrant Officer in Montreal.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Hoegi, G.E. will be appointed Royal Military College Chief Warrant Officer in Kingston.GSTON,

Decorations conferred by the President of the French Republic

  • Lieutenant-General Beare, S. will be made an ‘Officer of the National Order of the Legion of Honour’.


After distinguished service to Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces, the following officers have or will retire in 2016.

  • Colonel Hammond, L.
  • Colonel Williams, P.J.