Artillery Day Greetings from the Colonel Commandant

To all Canadian Gunners and to family and friends of Gunners- everywhere – be you on Regimental or Extra-Regimental Duty – Serving or Retired – I express heartfelt best wishes on this most significant of Artillery Days marking as it does the 300th Anniversary of the establishment of our Allied Regiment – the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

I have been pleased this year to welcome to Canada, here in Ottawa, the Captain General’s Baton and to wish its carriers Godspeed as they embarked upon its last leg of its around the world tour taking it home to the UK via Iceland and with it a scroll of loyal greeting to the Captain General signed by Heads of Commonwealth Artillery Regiments.

On Artillery Day itself, I will attend, with the Director of Artillery, as your representative, HM The Queen’s Review of the Royal Regiment of Artillery at Larkhill.

On then, on June 17th, I will welcome the Master Gunner, St James’s Park to Canada at the commencement of a 300th Anniversary visit that will take him from Halifax to Saint John, Gagetown, Quebec City, Petawawa, Ottawa and Kingston where so much of the history that binds our Regiments may be found.

May your pride and dedication in your service, past and present, to our Sovereign, our Country and our Guns be renewed this Artillery Day.

~ Brigadier-General James Selbie, O.M.M., C.D.