Our Fallen

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The Fallen of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Here we honour those 4,881 gunners who have gone before, their service and sacrifice to the Guns and to the Nation will not be forgotten by those yet to follow.



The Northwest Campaign, 1885

The South African Campaign, 1900 – 1901

World War I, 1914 – 1922

World War II, 1939 1947

Korea, 1950 – 1953

Continental Operations post WWII, 1963 – 2008

Cold War,  1966 – 2003

Peacekeeping, 1993 – 2004

Afghanistan,  2006 – 2011

“End of Mission  –  Stand Easy”

The time scale has been centred on the major conflicts or era shown but includes records outside of the official dates as a means of providing archival structure. Canadians who served in Commonwealth or other foreign militaries, and not The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery are not included in this record of the fallen.

These tables are derived from publications and records compiled by Veterans Affairs Canada, Library and Archives Canada, the Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH) and other sources. The records are not complete and additional information is most welcome to ensure our fallen are properly and fully represented here. Where there is a discrepancy, contact RHQ with documentation which clearly establishes the correct or missing data.

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