Ottawa Gunners


The name of the “Association” shall be The Ottawa Gunners


Vision Statement: “The Ottawa Gunners” is a professional Association of former and serving officers of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery (regular and reserves), their families and other supporters of The Regiment. Our vision is to make a significant contribution to the well-being of members through the sponsorship and management of various activities of interest to them. The Association will collaborate actively with the Director of Artillery and his staff and with other like-minded associations.”


Mission Statement: “The mission of The Ottawa Gunners in collaboration with other bodies, is to contribute to the well being of its members by acting as a focal point for Gunner activities in the National Capital Region ( activities that are not managed through the official chain of command), and to assist the official chain of command when requested. Special emphasis is placed on professional and social events and in promoting and maintaining the heritage, traditions, and culture of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.”


The following shall be eligible as:

Honourary Member: The serving Colonel Commandant shall be invited to be an honourary member. Surviving spouses of Regular and Associate members will be invited to become honourary member. A decision to invite any other person to become an honourary member must be approved by a general meeting of the Association

Regular Member: Any officer who has served in any unit of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, in any capacity is welcome to become a member of the Association.

Associate Member: Any friend of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery may be nominated to become an Associate Member. This includes members of a foreign Artillery serving in Canada. Membership shall be confirmed by a vote at a general meeting of the Association. Associate members shall have the same rights and privileges as regular members except for the right to vote at general meetings

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