3rd Montreal Field Battery of Artillery Always on Hand

Affiliated to the 2nd Montreal Field Artillery Regiment

Côte-des-Neiges Barracks
4185 Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal, Qc H3H 1X2
(514) 496-2026 Local 270

Come Join and Support Our Veterans!

What is the 3BAM?

The 3BAM is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting Cadets and honoring our Canadian Armed Forces war veterans. With our WWII 25 pounder artillery gun, limber (ammunition carrier) and gun tractor we support a number of ceremonial and training events. The artillery gun, deployed for ceremonial salutes and military parades, further serves as an impressive “rolling museum” as it provides a tangible link to the past and provides citizens with an opportunity to connect with a piece of military history.

Supporting Our Cadets

The recruitment and development of Cadets is central to our mission. Using our equipment, Cadets are given the chance to work as a team and maneuver a 2½ ton artillery gun used by allied troops during World War II. Cadets who take responsibility for maintaining the gun and tractor are mentored by seasoned artillery veterans. Maintenance courses supervised by experienced artillery gunners offer hands-on experiences in teamwork, enabling Cadets to develop a sense of the “esprit de corps” that shapes our honored fighting forces.

Join Us!

Our aim is to support cadets and honor veterans. Consider joining our “Gun Crew” and help us promote this vital link to our military past. Participate with us in parades, educational activities, ceremonial firings, special civic events – help keep the memory of our fallen alive.

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