Canadian Gunner Associations

There are numerous local and regional gunner associations from coast to coast that provide a means to stay in contact (or re-establish lost friendships) through such venues as newsletters, websites, facebook pages and reunions. You can be as active as you desire in these associations and they are all independently organized and operated. We have provided you with a listing of the associations and their point of contacts, so that you have the required contact information to get started. There is also the National Association which is the “Royal Canadian Artillery Association”.  The RCAA, formed in 1876, advocates on behalf of the Royal Regiment at the national level and provides support to our tradition and heritage programs. We have included a membership application and encourage you to join, support and become active in these important endeavours.

Associations Register Nov 13 – A National Listing of Artillery Associations and contact information for them

Royal Canadian Artillery Association – national level

Master Gunner’s Association of Canada –   all serving and retired Master Gunners, national level;


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