Heritage Sites

There are a vast quantity of sites across Canada that feature the past heritage of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery. These sites include memorial parks and gardens; monuments featuring ancient cannons and plaques. Many are known only to the local residents. It is my intent to capture those monuments, with their historical story. As well, I would like to compile a list of all the refurbished Artillery pieces that may still be displayed in local parades. These may include various funeral guns and Field Artillery Tractors maintained by the many dedicated volunteers that are invaluable to our Regiment.

It is the intent of this web chapter to compile a descriptive listing of these locations in order to share the heritage with the citizens of Canada and our extended Gunner family. Contributions from members is strongly encouraged and could include an update on an existing site, new photographs or a write up on a site not previously mentioned.

The chapter is divided into the following categories:

Artillery Memorials
– Cairns, plaques, sites commemorating The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Guns of Canada
– Guns, howitzers, sites that have been used by The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Cannons of Canada
– Guns and Cannons that predate The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

War Trophies
– War trophies with an Artillery theme

Artillery Museums
– Our federation of Artillery Museums

Follow this link to an external website that contains additional pictures and detailed information on many of these sites and some others as well.


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